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The Cardigan Way is to help every boy to achieve his academic potential. With more than six decades of experience in the art of educating middle school boys, we know a lot about creating an atmosphere where boys feel motivated to do their best. We also draw on some serious science—the latest research on adolescent brain development, learning styles, and the pedagogies that have been shown to be most effective for middle school boys. One more thing: we have caring teachers who make it a priority to understand each student as a unique learner and as an individual person.

Cardigan offers boys a solid educational foundation, a curriculum that prepares them for academic work at the secondary school level. Skill building is a key part of our academic program. We systematically and deliberately teach study skills and life skills, such as organization and time management. Our ultimate goal is to prompt boys toward self-knowledge, so that they understand themselves as learners and can pursue strategies that help them to become more successful students and versatile people.