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Hear the Music of Cardigan Students
Date: 04/14/2017

MusicThe arts are a key component of a Cardigan education, as we believe creative expression is essential to the human experience. Whether it be through the visual arts, drama, woodshop, or music, each student takes classes to help express themselves creatively no matter their level of ability. All students take a music class for at least one term each academic year, and for some of our students, it is an opportunity to take their music education to a higher level. In this article, we profile performances from this school year that display the outstanding musical talent of our boys. Enjoy!

Cello Duet With Jungho Chang '17 and Hyunwoong Yoon '17

Jungho is a ninth grader at Cardigan and has been playing the cello for five years. While he doesn’t currently play any other instruments, he played the piano when he was much younger. He enjoys many different composers, but loves the beautiful music of Bach in particular. When asked what he likes about the piece in this video, he answered “Because it’s a great piece of music for two cellos to play, and though they make different notes, they come together beautifully in unity. It is also a pleasant and calm piece.”

Also in ninth grade, Justin (Hyunwoong) Yoon has played the cello for five years. His favorite composer is Joseph Hayden because, as Justin says, “I simply love all his pieces.” The experience of playing a duet with Jungho brought him happiness as the song is best when played with others. “I personally like this piece because of the slow and emotional tempo the song has. As a duet piece, I feel joy when I play this song with another cellist.”

Watch Jungho's and Hyunwoong's video

Macsen Elkouh '19 Performs "Perpetual Motion”

In his second year at Cardigan, Macsen has performed for our community several times. He has been playing the violin for nine years, and while Bach is his favorite composer, he enjoyed playing this piece by Bohm. He says, “I like the fast pace and how it brings a sort of energy to the listener.”

Watch Macsen's video

Cardigan's Glee Club Performs "Do You Hear The People Sing"

Cardigan’s Director of Music, David Scheiber, has been directing our Glee Club since he arrived here in 2013. He enjoys seeing the boys grow in their musical talent, and likes to choose pieces that will stretch their musical knowledge. “I have always enjoyed sharing music from a more traditional background. It asks the boys to grow as learners and as people, “ Mr. Scheiber says of the songs he chooses for the boys. He chose this piece from the famous musical Les Miserables because he liked the idea of showcasing Cardigan’s cultural diversity within the Glee Club by having the boys sing in a variety of languages.

Watch the Glee Club's video

To experience more of the musical talents of our boys, including performances from Glee Club, Ensemble, and our music classes, watch Cardigan’s Winter Concert 2017 held at the beginning of March.
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