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Alumni Perspectives: Peter Garrison ’70
Date: 11/09/2017

“Cardigan set the foundation for my entire future.”

Peter GarrisonAlumnus Peter Garrison ’70 returned to Cardigan recently, and reflected on his experience as a student at our School. Addressing our community during Chapel, he spoke of the influence and importance of student leaders, recalled the tireless dedication of faculty, and fondly remembered his time with Cardigan legend, Jim Marrion, as his dorm parent in Hinman Hall.

During his talk, Mr. Garrison recounted on the lasting impact that Cardigan has had on his life, saying:

  • “I learned to never give up.”
  • “I respected myself and others.”
  • “I learned that by accepting personal responsibility, I became mentally and emotionally stronger.”
  • “I became a creative leader on issues that mattered to me.”
  • “I learned to make friends.”
  • “I gained a positive outlook on life.
  • “I learned to believe in myself.”

Mr. Garrison is a sculptor who lives and works in Exeter, NH. See a gallery from his talk in Chapel.

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