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Celebrating Our Student-Athletes at Winter Sports Awards
Date: 03/06/2018

Sports AwardsWith the winter term just behind us, the Cardigan community gathered to celebrate the efforts and achievements of our student-athletes and teams during the winter sports season. All grades and team levels were recognized for excelling in their particular sport, often standing out in terms of athleticism, achievement, improvement, attitude, leadership, and sportsmanship. Certificates, awards, and letters were handed out to every athlete. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes for a great winter season!

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Master of Ceremonies: Thomas Stull ’18
Athletic Director: Mr. Frost
Assistant Athletic Director: Mrs. Tobin Gordon

Varsity Hockey 
Speaker: Santeri “Sasa” Kalteva ’18
Players Choice Best Teammate: Alexander John “AJ” Noel ’19
Coach’s Award: Malcolm Bussey ’18
Coach’s Award: John “Jack” Almeida ’18 

JV Hockey
Coach’s Award: Magnus Gadowsky ’18
Coach’s Award: Slater Whitehead ’18
Coach’s Award: Chadwick Seiler ’19
Speaker: Chadwick Seiler ’19

Thirds Hockey
Defensive Coach’s Award: Connor Pollard ’20
Offensive Coach’s Award: Aidan White ’18
Heart & Soul Coach’s Award: Ellis DeMars ’18
Speaker: Jack Armstrong ’19

Reserve Hockey
Coach’s Award: Julian Popowich ’20
Coach’s Award: Jorge Castillo Rueda ’18
Coach’s Award: Luke Litowitz ’20
Speaker: Jorge Castillo Rueda ’18

Varsity Basketball
Coach’s Award: Samuel Harris ’19
“Mama, There Goes That Man!”: Alijah Lovelace ’19
Speaker: Jadon Perez ’19

JV Basketball
Coach’s Award: Birken Silitch ’19
Coach’s Award: Dalton Donovan ’19
Speaker: Birken Silitch ’19

Thirds Basketball
Most Outstanding Player: Jenson Smock ’21
Most Improved Player: Dongjoon “Jason” Park ’18
Speaker: Tianyu “Richard” Yang  ’18

Reserve Basketball 

Mr. Reserve Basketball: Delin “Michael” Liu ’21 
The 110% Effort Award: Cillian Clark ’21
Speaker: Marcus Chan ’18

Alpine Ski
Coach’s Award: Charles “Sumner” Frandsen ’18
Coach’s Award: Luis Legorreta ’18
Most Improved: Rodrigo Gil Gallardo ’19
Speaker: Charles “Sumner” Frandsen ’18

Coach’s Award: Alejandro Gonzalez de la Peña Gutierrez ’19
Coach’s Award: Daniel Ramonfaur Gracia ’18
Speaker: Colton Dennis ’18

Nordic Ski
Coach’s Award: Jackson MacDonald ’18
Coach’s Award: Macsen Elkouh ’19
Coach’s Award: Sangheon “Steven” Song ’19
Speaker: Samuel Choi ’18

Coach’s Award: Hector Flores Moya ’18
Coach’s Award: Thomas Stull ’18
Granite Kid Award: Diego Escalante ’20 
Speaker: Donald “Donnie” Cahill ’19

Recreational Skiing and Snowboarding
Speaker: Luis Maria Haces Blasco ’18
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