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Heart of the Cougar Award for February 2018
Date: 04/06/2018

Ms. Borek and MarcusBy Charles Lister-James, Director of Spiritual Life

Just before Cardigan’s Spring Vacation, our community recognized two individuals for upholding our Core Values and going above and beyond to “help the other fella.” During a special Chapel service, Marcus Chan '18 and Cheryl Borek P'10,'12,'15 received the Heart of the Cougar award, a monthly recognition given to members of our community for displaying exemplary efforts and modeling the Cardigan Way.

Marcus Chan '18 was recognized for his tremendous dedication to his kitchen duties, where he routinely demonstrated the courage to hold his peers accountable in a fair and respectful way. He has also spent many hours creating a mural in the Living Laboratory. His design depicts a wide array of animals and will be finished this spring. He is kind and friendly to whoever he passes, and he goes out of his way to say hello and interact with his peers and adults. His strong work ethic, positive attitude, and excellent character have not gone unnoticed. Well done Marcus! 

The second award recognized the previous week’s Chapel speaker, Cheryl Borek. As Mr. Lister-James stated, this award wasn’t for having the courage to speak about the tragic loss of her son, but to have the courage to ask us learn from this event, and from what she learned and to make one change. Ms. Borek encouraged all of us to think about more than just ourselves, to consider the people around us. Everyone has a different background or journey, and though we may not acknowledge it all the time, we have an impact on those we meet and surround ourselves with.  

It is the work of individuals like Marcus and Ms. Borek that make our campus experience special and they aren’t alone. The Cardigan community must uphold the Core Values every day, be it on campus or off.  
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