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Investiture Assembly 2018
Date: 05/11/2018

Investiture CeremonyOn Thursday night, the Cardigan community gathered in the Chapel for the annual Investiture Assembly. Investiture is the culmination of our process of selecting the next leaders of our school. Seventy-one boys embraced our core value of courage and applied to one of the 28 positions available, which include school leader, athletics assistant, floor leader, chapel leader, and more.

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Nick Nowak, Director of Student Life, began the assembly by explaining the importance of Cardigan’s leadership program. “An investiture ceremony provides our community the opportunity and privilege of conferring the honor of titled leadership on next year’s titled leaders,” he said. “It is significant in both the formality of the ceremony, as well as the tradition it stands for. Tonight’s ceremony continues the long line of tradition, and links each titled leader to the boys who have come before.”

Investiture CeremonyFollowing Mr. Nowak’s address, our current leaders each took a turn to announce the name of the boy who will be taking his role next year. As each new leader came forward, he shook the hand of his counterpart, turned for a photo, and then sat in a nearby pew.

The following boys will serve as student leaders during Cardigan’s 2018-2019 academic year:

  • School Leader: Macsen Elkouh
  • Assistant School Leader: Cameron Cyr
  • Athletics Assistant: Rocco Pace
  • Banks House Floor Leader: Brogan Lamb
  • Brewster I Floor Leader: Caswell “Gannon” Peters
  • Brewster II Floor Leader: Zhijing “Jimmy” Wu
  • Chapel Leader: Leopold Dorilas
  • Chapel Leader: Hung Phan
  • Clark-Morgan Hall Floor Leader: Jack Armstrong
  • Dewar House Floor Leader: Junhyung “Jack” Park
  • Dining Room Head Steward: Jacob Pereira
  • Franklin House Floor Leader: Ben King
  • French I Floor Leader: Samuel Sibold
  • French II Floor Leader: Alexander John “AJ” Noel
  • Funnell House Floor Leader: Wenqi “Owen” Fu
  • Green Key Leader: Riley Shaw
  • Greenwood House Floor Leader: Jadon Perez
  • Hayward I Floor Leader: Samuel Harris
  • Hayward II Floor Leader: Matthew Grabmann
  • Health Center Assistant: Jose “Tony” Carrandi
  • Hinman I Floor Leader: Donald Cahill
  • Hinman II Floor Leader: William Hindle
  • International Student Coordinator: Matthew Jimin Hong
  • Jobs Foreman: Alan Lizatovic
  • Kitchen Head: Alexander Pilliod
  • McCusker I Floor Leader: Birken Silitch
  • McCusker II Floor Leader: Charles “Chad” Leach
  • Student Activities Assistant: Alijah Lovelace
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