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Spring Brings the Buzz of Cardigan’s Spelling Bee
Date: 05/11/2018

Spelling BeeCardigan’s final spelling bee of the year took place this week, and it was one of the shortest in recent history! Hosted by Cardigan Mountain School’s English Department, seven boys took to the stage in the Humann Theatre to put their knowledge of spelling to the test in an abbreviated one-round version of the bee.

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Mr. Hart, just days from his retirement from our school, took to the podium as our “bee master” for the last time. He challenged the boys with words such as “precipice,” “emaciation,” “benevolence,” and “catacombs,” each accompanied by a sentence for context. Judges Mr. Gray H’12,P’14,’16, Mr. Holt P’16, and Ms. Fedele oversaw the contest, ringing a bell for incorrect spellings and prompting boys to exit the stage with their consolation prize.

After only ten minutes, Sam Sibold ’19 spelled “clandestinely” correctly and emerged as the winner. As Cardigan’s Spelling Bee Champion he has the honor of having his name added to the winners’ plaque in Hopkins Hall. Congratulations to Sam and all of the courageous contestants for their efforts.
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