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Cardigan’s 11th Annual Charles C. Gates Invention & Innovation Competition!
Date: 05/11/2018

Gates ExpoThis year’s Gates Invention and Innovation Competition was a highlight of Family Weekend. After ideas, failures, and successes, our sixth and seventh grade boys unveiled their inventions at the Gates Exposition held in the Wakely Center. 

Gallery: View photos from this year's Gates Expo

More than 30 prototypes of unique innovations were on display and presented by the boys to our community. Judges Matthew Brightman ’06, Dan DeMars P’11,’18, Ryan Carney ’01, Dr. Ahmet-Hamdi Cavusoglu ’02, and Dr. Laura Ray P’13 carefully took notes and asked questions to help determine which nine finalists would present later in the day. Each judge reviewed the presentations using the following criteria: Was a specific, everyday problem identified, and does the innovation or invention function in a manner that solves that problem (in a practical way)? Is the invention portable, self-contained, and able to operate independently of other supplementary equipment? What is its level of its marketability? Depth of research, manner of presentation, and quality of the prototype are also among the many things the judges assess.

Gallery: View photos from this year's Gates finalists presentations and awards

After the finalists presented to the entire sixth and seventh grades, as well as numerous parents, grandparents, and available faculty members, the judges provided feedback and asked clarifying questions. A hearty congratulations goes out to all of the finalists, Kenny Chen ’20, Darren Cheung ’20, Michael Liu ’21, Jason Lee ’20, Finn Kopp ’20, Ben Ely ’21, Charles Goodyear ’21, Sebastien Madan ’21, Zachary Hawthorne ’20, and Franklin Chow ’20 for their outstanding presentations.

During’s Saturday’s awards ceremony, it was at last time to name the 2018 winners! Congratulations to the following award recipients:

  • Best Salesman: Deegan Blasko ’20 for “The E-Z Case”
  • Best Presentation: Gabe Brondel ’20 for “Solar Wind”
  • Third Place: Ben Ely ’21 for “Lunch Box Timer”
  • Second Place: Kenny Chen ’20 and Darren Cheung ’20 for “Bombarded Bird”
  • First Place and Patent Nod: Finn Kopp ’20 for “Lax String Pro-Tec”

For more information about the history of the Gates Program at Cardigan, view the event program. As always, a special thanks goes out to Mrs. Diane Wallach H’16 for her continued support for the program, initiated by her father, Mr. Charles C. Gates.

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