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New Digital Arts Lab Expands Opportunities for Students
Date: 08/09/2018

Digital arts labWe see digital art every day on our computers and phones, and increasingly, on the walls of the world’s finest art galleries. Art is becoming more digital, and Cardigan’s studio arts curriculum is evolving with it.

A digital arts lab has been installed in room 302 in the the upper level of Bronfman Hall. On the back wall sits a line of pristine new iMacs, ready for students to experiment and create with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and several other graphics applications. Students now have the opportunity to learn the techniques of digital media while combining them with traditional art techniques like painting and drawing.  

Digital arts lab“This is a tremendous opportunity for our students and the art program,” said former Art Department Faculty member Nate Furlong. “We all express ourselves differently. Some of us speak in numbers, others through scientific methods, music, a paintbrush, or on the athletic field. The digital arts should be seen as another tool through which students can find their voice.”

It is exciting to bring something new to the classroom. “The beauty of art is that it evolves,” he said. “Likewise, technology has become part of our students’ everyday lives. It only makes sense to incorporate it into our study of art and artistic expression as we prepare our students to be engaged global citizens. I very much look forward to continuing to build the digital arts program in a way where we can incorporate, photography, video, graphic design and more.”

Visitors to campus are encouraged to visit the top level of Bronfman and tour the Needham Art Gallery and the new Digital Media Suite!

This article originally appeared in the Cardigan Chronicle, published May 2018.
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