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Cardigan Announces Plans for the Center For Exploration
Date: 09/28/2018

Center for ExplorationCardigan Mountain School is excited to formally announce plans for the Center For Exploration, an innovative new building that will have a significant impact on our entire academic program.

“The Center For Exploration is a new opportunity that challenges Cardigan to build for the future,” said Head of School Christopher Day P’12,’15. “And it will have transformational effects in all corners of campus.”

To be located between the Chapel and Stoddard Hall, the Center For Exploration will help define a true academic quad at the heart of campus, centralizing the intellectual life of the School and reducing passing time between classes. The additional learning space will allow for the evolution of the curriculum and reimagining of existing classrooms.

Described as a visionary project, the Center For Exploration will have an immediate and cascading impact. Anchored in our educational philosophy—to encourage academic risk-taking and learning from mistakes—the Center will house areas for collaboration and exploration with natural affinities: Gates Lab, Williams Woodshop, E.P.I.C. Center, and digital and visual arts.

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