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Cardigan Music Students Perform Fall Concert
Date: 11/09/2018

Fall ConcertThe Cardigan community spent an evening enjoying the musical talents of more than 60 boys at the 2018 Fall Concert. For several weeks, our boys have been working hard preparing a program of music variety of styles from around the world. The evening also included an original piece written and composed by a group of students.

View a gallery of photos and watch the full video of the concert.

Fall ConcertStudents from Mr. Gray’s “Ocho Blanco” English class shared their reactions to the first concert of this year:

  • “What surprised me about last night’s music was how confident everyone was during their performances. Even though it must’ve been terrifying stepping onto the stage last night, everyone seemed to be having fun and no one seemed nervous. That made me feel more comfortable watching the show.” -Dylan Biggs
  • “One thing that surprised me about the concert was Jack and Tony, with broken appendages, playing their instruments.” -Simon North
  • Fall Concert“My favorite music piece would be Donny, Critty and Fluty's rap, ‘The Cardigan Way Today.’ It broke the boundaries set for an original concert. The song was created by the students, themselves, which made it unique. The song also included a lot of everyday life at Cardigan.” -Lucas Ding
  • “My favorite part of the performance was performing, “The Avengers.” Whenever I play in a concert, I get this feeling that is like Manna from Deep Survival, and an adrenaline boost.” -Connor Pollard
  • “I want to hear the hand bell music again because the handbell sounds were clear and rang for a really long time, it healed my mind and made me peaceful.” -Eric Lim
  • “I realized how talented many of my Cardigan brothers are.” -Bryce Terry

Concert Program

Wii Song (by Kazumi Tokata)
7th Grade Handbell Ensemble
Mrs. Perricone, Director

Theme from “The Avengers” (by Alan Silvestri)
Cardigan Instrumental Ensemble
Mrs. Perricone, Director

La Vie en Rose (by Edith Piaf)
Jerry Wang, trumpet

Hey Jude (by John Lennon and Paul McCartney)
“Ocho Amigos,” 9 Green X Music Class

Swinging on a Star (music by Jimmy van Heusen and lyrics by Johnny Burke)
Cardigan Mountain Glee Club
Mr. Franco, Director
Mrs. Perricone, Accompanist

The Cardigan Way Today (music by Carrandi, O’Brien, Yuan, Kwon, Lamb, and Perkins; lyrics by Conroy, Cahill, and Fluty)
9 White X Music Class

Sweet Caroline (by Neil Diamond)
“Perfect Purple Pandas,” 9 Green X Music Class

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