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Cardigan Traditions

The traditions among students and faculty at Cardigan are numerous, and provide opportunities for the School to come together for friendship, help strengthen our connections with our community, and guide us through experiences that encourage cooperation, and trust-building. 

  • Sneaker Game. One of the first things you do when you arrive at Cardigan is take off your sneakers, find a buddy, and have some fun.

  • Sunrise Climb. To mark the new day dawning on their lives, all new students and teachers climb Mount Cardigan to see the sun rise at the start of the school year.

  • Sandwich Fair. On Founders' Day (Columbus Day), the entire school attends the Sandwich Fair, a distinctly New Hampshire event dating back to 1887 that features carnival rides and food, 4-H shows and competitions, and bands.

  • Mountain Day. When the fall foliage is at its peak, our school celebrates Mountain Day by climbing a nearby peak and having a picnic at the summit.

  • Lake Run. Between the fall and winter athletics seasons, the whole school takes off from Marrion Field for the Lake Run, a jaunty 4.6-mile loop around Canaan Street Lake.

  • Ski Holiday. In the late winter, students and faculty take a Ski Holiday at one of the local ski slopes.

  • Headmaster's Day. One day in the spring is designated Headmaster’s Day, when classes are replaced with fun and games.

  • Eaglebrook Day. Twice a year, all Cardigan sports teams get revved up to compete against rival Eaglebrook School.

  • Dress-down Days. The headmaster announces "dress-down days" periodically throughout the year, giving everybody a chance to substitute sneakers for dress shoes, and jeans for khakis. Some of these days are used to raise money for local charities.

  • Polar Bear. In May, the headmaster sponsors an early-morning Polar Bear swim at the lake—every day except Sunday.

  • Sunset Climb. At the conclusion of the year, the seniors climb Mount Cardigan to see the sun set.