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Charles C. Gates Invention & Innovation

The Charles C. Gates Invention & Innovation Competition is an academic and afternoon program offering at Cardigan made possible by the Gates Frontiers Fund.

2018 Gates Competition Winners:
Best Salesman: Deegan Blasko ’20 for “The E-Z Case”
Best Presentation: Gabe Brondel ’20 for “Solar Wind”
Third Place: Ben Ely ’21 for “Lunch Box Timer”
Second Place: Kenny Chen ’20 and Darren Cheung ’20 for “Bombarded Bird”
First Place and Patent Nod: Finn Kopp ’20 for “Lax String Pro-Tec”

Download the 2018 Gates Competition Program (PDF).

Gates at Cardigan is designed to encourage creative thinking, risk-taking, and entrepreneurial spirit, and to develop an appreciation for hard work and accomplishment to students in grades six through nine. The Charles C. Gates Invention & Innovation Competition offers students the opportunity to participate in a creative process, to identify needs or new business opportunities, and to develop practical solutions.

Beginning each fall and concluding with Competition Presentations in the spring, each student or student team designs and builds an invention that must perform a practical function, make life easier or safer, entertain, or solve an everyday problem.

2017 Gates Competition Winners:
“Best Salesmen”: Jacob Pereira ’19 and Chadwick Seiler ’19, Mad Padded Onesie
“Best Presentation”: James Kwon ’19, Transparent Desk
Third Place: Griffin Smith ’19 and Kennedy Opie ’19, EZ Flame
Second Place: Macsen Elkouh ’19, Sewenergy
First Place: George Wilkins ’20, Dribblematic

2016 Winners:
First Place with Patent Nod: Jerich Lee - Aerku, The Squatty Potty
Second Place with Patent Nod: Wes Stocken - Winning Practice Every Day
Third Place: Macsen Elkouh - Waterski Flag
Best Salesman: Aiden White - Skating Aid
Best Presentation: Colin Rosato - The Cold Fold

2015 Winners
First Place: Jose Torres Hace '17, Soccer Ball Return
Second Place: Noah Dorsey-Sorofman and Jack Bayreuther, NJ Pong
Third Place: Shawn Kim '17, Hole Punch Binder
Best Salesman: Luke Hartman '18
Best Presentation: Thomas Dana '18 and Jackson MacDonald '18
Honeywell Prize: Shihao "Larry" Liang '17

Photo Gallery: The 2018 Gates Expo