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Faculty Educators

Teaching for Excellence

The Cardigan Way features a carefully crafted educational program, which is grounded in our decades of experience in teaching middle school boys and informed by the most developmentally appropriate, research-supported, best practices in teaching today. The Cardigan Way rewards effort, promotes achievement, and encourages boys to take more responsibility for their learning. 

The Cardigan faculty is a professional community of educators who have chosen to work with middle school boys.

Beverly  Wakely
Learning Skills Pioneer

Our educators: 

• Capitalize on student strengths. We channel boys’ energy and enthusiasm into positive engagement. Varied, active, hands-on learning activities and the use of current educational technology generate interest and excitement. 

• Instill good study habits. We place special emphasis on organization, study skills, and time management. We don’t expect boys to arrive knowing how to use a planner, how to take great notes, or how to budget their time. We explicitly teach them how to do it.

• Provide positive reinforcement. Frequent feedback from teachers, coaches, dorm parents, and advisors is important to motivating boys and keeping them on track. The honor roll, the effort honor roll, our Heart of the Cougar awards, our Dorm Citizenship Awards, our Leadership Development Awards, and our Student-Athlete-of-the-Week awards are among the formal ways by which we reward hard work and perseverance, as well as achievement and good citizenship.

• Are dedicated to middle-level education. Cardigan teachers serve as role models who are committed to enhancing learning through developmentally responsive approaches. Cardigan’s “team teaching” model ensures that all the teachers of a particular grade communicate and collaborate to enhance curricular objectives and to monitor the progress of individual students.

• Collaborate with parents. Positive parental involvement can only enhance educational outcomes. At Cardigan, students’ advisors are the primary contact for parents and communicate with them regularly and as needed. 

We Know Our Boys as Individual Learners

Our expertise with boys in general is just the beginning. We firmly believe that excellence in the education of boys requires an approach that is based on the recognition that every person learns and grows in different ways, and at varying rates and times. Our strength is in knowing each boy well as a learner and as a human being. Many aspects of the Cardigan Way support boys’ individual growth, not the least of which is a department unique to Cardigan called PEAKS® (Personalized Education for the Acquisition of Knowledge and Skills). PEAKS focuses on guided self-development and follows a specific study skills and health curriculum for each grade level. In required PEAKS classes and in a variety of other settings, PEAKS coaches help students to become aware of how they learn best and to develop the fundamental study, organizational, and technological skills necessary to become more successful, self-sufficient learners.

****PEAKS® is a registered trademark of Cardigan Mountain School.