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Financial Aid

Cardigan Mountain School, in keeping with our desire to attract and maintain a diversified student body, offers a generous need-based financial aid program. The aid is intended to support families who otherwise would not be able to meet the cost of attending Cardigan. Annually, twenty-five percent of our student body receives financial assistance.

Cardigan awards financial aid on the basis of need to those families who qualify, as determined by the School and Student Services by NAIS. Unfortunately, Cardigan does not have the resources to award financial aid to all who qualify. Therefore, the overall strength of a candidate’s application is used as a criterion for distributing aid. Financial Aid awards are made to those candidates who have successfully met the deadlines and criteria for admission. To receive information, please contact the Admissions Office at 603.523.3548 or by email at

Financial Aid Checklist

______ Prior to February 2, 2019: Request financial aid information from the Cardigan Admissions Office.

______ By February 2, 2019: Submit Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) and all supplemental forms to SSS.

______ Please also submit a signed copy of Form 1040 IRS tax return with all pertinent schedules directly to SSS.

Questions about the process? Please feel free to contact Chip Audett, Director of Admissions & Financial Aid, at 603.523.3510 or

Parents' Financial Statement (PFS)

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You can begin your PFS now online at

Contact customer service at or 800.344.8328 if you have any questions.