Alumni  Awards

The Distinguished Alumnus Award

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is presented each year to that member of the Alumni Association of Cardigan Mountain School who has exhibited outstanding service either to the School, to his community, and/or in his profession.

2017 Recipient—Benjamin N. Lovejoy '99 

Past Recipients:

1992 Mr. F. Lee Bailey ’47 & Mr. James I. White ’61
1993 Mr. Matthew Bronfman ’74
1994 Dr. Richard D. Morrison ’50
1995 Mr. Samuel S. Adams ’52 & Dr. Fred G. Lippert III ’49
1996 Maj. Warren D. Huse ’52
1997 Mr. Robert A. Morrow ’77
2000 Mr. Kenneth E. Bentsen, Jr. ’74
2001 Dr. Ronald A. von Jako ’81
2002 Mr. Alec J. Koromilas, Esq. ’79
2003 Mr. David Cheever ’52
2004 Mr. Scott F. Powers ’75
2005 Mr. Craig M. Johnson ’78
2006 Cmdr. Thomas C. Graves ’79
2011 Mr. Brian M. Sirgutz ’88 & Mr. Jeremy D. Marks ’88
2012 Mr. Robert V. Chartener ’73
2013 Mr. Taylor B. Chase ’02 & Mr. Thomas C. Thayer ’69
2014 Mr. William T. Fleming ’70

N. Donald Diebel ’82 Distinguished Young Alumnus Award

Established in 2002 to honor the memory of alumnus Dr. N. Donald Diebel ’82, this award is presented each year to that younger member of the Alumni Association of Cardigan Mountain School who has exhibited outstanding service to his community.

2017 Recipient—Ian F. Gagnon '08

Past Recipients:

2002 Mr. Marquis J. Daisy ’98
2003 Mr. Basil B. Seggos ’89
2004 Mr. Harold H. Reichle ’79
2007 Mr. Philippe P. Cousteau ’95
2011 Sgt. Joshua D. Pellegrino ’93
2012 Captain William “Mac” S. MacVittie ’99
2013 First Lt. Pack S. Janes ’00
2014 Mr. Devin Clifford ’99

Honorary Alumnus Award

The Honorary Alumnus Award is presented each year to a member of the Cardigan Family who is not an alumnus, but who, in the eyes of Alumni, and on behalf of a grateful Alumni Association, has exhibited extraordinary service to the students of Cardigan Mountain School, in one capacity or another.


2017 Recipient—Rick Kahn 

Past Recipients:

1991 Mr. Norman C. Wakely P'70,'73,'75
1992 Mr. Joseph M. Collins P'74
1993 Mr. Robert S. Gillette
1994 Dr. Crawford H. Hinman
1996 Mr. Savage C. Frieze, Jr.
2000 Mrs. Carol M. & Mr. Dave F. Shelton
2001 Mrs. Beverly Wakely P'70,'73,'75 & Rev. Harry R. Mahoney
2002 Mrs. Ruth H. Talbert, Mr. Hal Finkbeiner, Jr. & Dr. Cameron K. Dewar P'93
2003 Mr. James “Coach” N. Marrion P'88
2004 Mrs. Jacqueline A. Lary P'67,'71 & Dr. Robert F. Kenerson
2005 Mr. J. Dudley Clark & Mrs. Shirley Lester
2006 Mr. Edilberto Ramos P'91,'97 & Mrs. Mary Mendelsohn
2007 Mr. William Hart & Mrs. Virginia Collins P'74
2009 Mr. James H. Funnell '07,'09 & Ms. Susan Rives
2011 Mr. William X. Barron & Neil Brier
2012 Mr. Alexander L. Gray P'14,'16
2013 Mr. Nicholas S. Lynch P'96,'97 & David H. Bradley
2014 Mr. David Auerbach P'11

The Green Jacket Award

The Green Jacket award is given to that member of the Cardigan Mountain School Alumni Association who has distinguished himself in his service to Cardigan Mountain School, and to the Alumni Association.


2014 Recipient—Brandon Wagner ’92

MediaLibrary#6375Brandon Wagner ’92 entered Cardigan as a seventh grader in the fall of 1989 and quickly bought into the full and rich lifestyle offered to those willing to immerse themselves in the Cardigan program. He participated in Knowledge Master, served as a Green Key tour guide, worked as an editor on the Blaze, contributed to stage productions in the Drama Club, and held a seat in student leadership, rising from the seventh-grade vice president to the head of student government and school leader in ninth grade. He excelled on the soccer field, in the hockey rink, and on the tennis court, earning varsity letters in all three sports. On Commencement day, his Cardigan career culminated in being awarded the Norman and Beverly Wakely Prize, given to the student who, in the opinion of his classmates, best upholds the tradition, spirit, and pride of Cardigan Mountain School, thus making every day “a beautiful day in New Hampshire.”

In the years since his graduation, Brandon has remained an active member of the Cardigan community. He serves on the Alumni Association Board of Directors, and he is a loyal supporter of The Annual Fund for Cardigan. He is a charter signer of the New York City Alumni Chapter, where time and again he has proven to be our “go-to guy” for organizing events and reunions. His continued willingness and enthusiasm to support our school and the efforts of the Alumni Association could win him the Wakely prize again today! Brandon has been a steadfast ambassador of Cardigan, and we are pleased to see him don the green jacket once again. And so, on this 18th day of October, 2014, the Cardigan Mountain School Alumni Association is proud to present the Distinguished Service Award to Brandon J. Wagner ’92. 

Past Recipients:


1996 Mr. F. Corning KenlyIII ’68
1997 Mr. Richard A. Clancy ’67
1998 Mr. Geoffrey A. Blair ’68
2000 William T. Fleming, Esq. ’70
2001 Mr. Geoffrey C. Turner ’69
2002 Mr. John H. Pearson, Jr. ’65
2003 Mr. David J. McCusker, Jr. ’80
2004 Mr. P. Edward Krayer ’82
2005 Mr. Schuyler V. Peck ’63
2006 Mr. Edward J. Gibbons, Jr. ’78
2007 Mr. Sheldon G. Caplan ’71
2008 Mr. David L. Elliot ’61
2009 Mr. Steven W. August ’69
2010 Mr. Bruce Marshard ’64
2011 Mr. Kenneth S. Klaus ’73
2014 Brandon J. Wagner ’92