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Lacrosse Program

History of Cardigan Lacrosse

Interscholastic lacrosse has had a presence at Cardigan Mountain School since the spring of 1966, when what had previously been a few kids throwing a ball around played a season of interscholastic games for the first time as a team. For most of the squad—including the coaches—lacrosse was an entirely new experience; but they improved rapidly, and that first 1966 team was the beginning of a strong legacy of lacrosse at Cardigan. Under the direction of some of New England’s top coaches, both past and present, Cardigan has helped produce high school and collegiate All Americans, State and National Champions, and current professional players. In recent years, Cardigan has become known as a premier program for middle school players to develop their skills and learn to play the game at the most competitive levels. At Cardigan, we understand that athletics can play a key role in the development of a boy’s character, and we remain committed to our student-athletes. Many of our players will go on to the finest secondary schools in the country, and several Cardigan alumni continue to enjoy successful college and professional careers today.

As a talented student-athlete at Cardigan, you will benefit from:

  • A community of students, faculty, and staff who care about, help, and support each other with understanding, kindness, and compassion.
  • A learning environment that will challenge you as a learner and at the same time provide the academic support you need to help you achieve success.
  • A residential environment that will allow you to grow as an individual and become an integral member of a very special community.
  • A high-quality, very competitive, highly successful Junior Prep lacrosse program and schedule.
  • A talented and experienced coaching staff that will help you develop and achieve your goals as a lacrosse player.
  • The opportunity to participate in a week of preseason training and games in Florida.

Lacrosse Facilities

Cardigan lacrosse players practice and play on four well-groomed lacrosse fields, and train in top- notch indoor facilities.

Player Development at Cardigan

Cardigan lacrosse players practice and learn:

  • Box/field hybrid systems.
  • Tactical skill development.
  • Technical skill development.
  • Quickness and explosiveness training.
  • Fitness and weight training.
  • Good nutritional practices.
  • Mental preparation skills.
  • Motivational techniques.

The Coaching Staff at Cardigan

Cardigan lacrosse players learn from highly experienced and motivated coaches who:

  • Have played and/or coached for Division I, II, III, and USILA collegiate programs.
  • Have competed internationally.
  • Have won state and regional titles.
  • Care about the development, success, and well-being of their student-athletes, both on and off the field.