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Mountain Biking Program

Cardigan student-athletes benefit from:

  • A community of students, faculty, and staff who care about, help, and support each other with understanding, kindness, and compassion.
  • A learning environment that will challenge you as a learner and at the same time provide the academic support you need to help you achieve success.
  • A residential environment that will allow you to grow as an individual and become an integral member of a very special community.
  • A high-quality, very competitive, highly successful Junior Prep mountain biking program.
  • A talented and experienced coaching staff that will help you develop and achieve your goals as a mountain biker.

Cardigan mountain bikers receive technical skills instruction and fitness, speed, and endurance training; learn about technical trail riding; and engage in competition against 12 New Hampshire, Vermont, and Maine high schools in the Lakes Region Interscholastic Mountain Bike Race League.

Biker Development at Cardigan
  • Comprehensive fitness development on and off the bike.
  • Technical trail riding and bike handling skills.
  • Proper nutrition before, during, and after training sessions and races.
  • Individual cycling skills.
  • Cross country race skills.
  • Goal setting, motivation, and pre-race mental preparation skills.
  • Bike suspension setup, bike fitting, repair, and maintenance skills.
  • Sustainable trail construction and maintenance skills.

Mountain Biking Facilities at Cardigan
Cardigan utilizes technical skills trails that feature typical New England single track (rocks and roots) and a newly built two-mile field conditioning loop with manmade technical trail features such as berms, drops, step ups, log hops, rollers, log rolls, bridges, and log rides, most of which have been constructed by the team members. Team members also do conditioning rides on local dirt roads, woods roads, and snowmobile trails.

For the 2012 season, Cardigan will be opening a new four-mile loop of woods singletrack with technical flow adjacent to the field loop. The team also travels to some of the premier riding areas on the east coast, including Kingdom Trails in East Burke, VT, and Millstone in Websterville, VT, as well as local trail riding in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont.

The Coaching Staff at Cardigan
Cardigan mountain bikers learn from highly experienced and motivated coaches who:
  • Bring a lifetime of experience on both road and mountain bikes.
  • Possess the necessary skills to demonstrate and teach the riding and racing techniques each rider strives to master.
  • A passion for riding, trail building and advocacy, and the promotion of cycling sports.