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rock climbing

Cardigan has one of the top student focused rock climbing programs on the east coast. When students complete the rock climbing program at Cardigan they leave with a strong foundation of specific outdoor skills. Several former Cardigan rock climbers have continued on to climb at secondary schools with great competence, strength and problem solving skills.

Cardigan Mountain School prides itself on a commitment to safety. The instructors teach the boys all the elements of belaying, rope handling and proper cliff etiquette. Only students adhering to the rules and standards of Cardigan Mountain School rock climbing team will be permitted to participate. Safety is the number one priority for the rock climbing program. The head coach of the program is a certified Wilderness First Responder.

The School’s training facilities are some of the best in New England. The Cougar Cave is an 800 square foot indoor bouldering room designed and built by legendary New Hampshire climber Ted Hammond. It provides a variety of challenges for the first-time climber to the most experienced athlete. A rotating Tread Wall is also a part of the athlete’s training regimen. This allows the climbers to train for sheer difficulty of movement, and it builds the athlete’s endurance as well. In addition, a full weight room allows the climbers to
develop their opposing muscle groups and cross train on non-climbing days.

In addition to state of the art facilities, climbers travel two days a week to nearby Rumney, New Hampshire to rope up and challenge themselves on the high cliffs of Rattlesnake Mountain. This world class climbing area has hundreds of moderate routes, which are perfect for middle school boys to learn new climbing skills, develop their technique, and have a great deal of fun. The majority of boys will climb on top rope, however there are opportunities for experienced students to learn techniques associated with sport climbing.

Guiding them along the way are coaches, Andrew Jaspersohn and Christopher Kenny, who bring over 20 years of coaching experience to the Rock Climbing Program. Their enthusiasm for coaching students stems from student effort and their attempts to overcome the unique and complex challenges that climbing offers.