Community Service

WATCH Community Service in Action

One of the goals of Cardigan Mountain School is to promote the character development of its students. Cardigan offers a strong, supportive family atmosphere that calls on its members to be responsible, trustworthy, and well-mannered. The School seeks to promote an awareness of environmental issues, health issues, and interpersonal relationships. Cardigan students are committed to helping the surrounding community through community service clubs, which include but are not limited to opportunities to volunteer in nursing homes, on a roadway cleanup crew, with a recycling group, and with a group that stocks food pantry shelves and sorts clothes at the Listen Center in nearby Lebanon.

Additionally, a few afternoons each year are set aside for school-wide community service activities, and periodically food and clothing drives (or the raising of awareness for other causes) take place. Usually these are sponsored by various student groups or classes.

At the end of the school year, those eighth graders elected to leadership positions for the following year help coordinate the school-wide drive to collect used school supplies and clothing, which are then reused the following year, or distributed to local schools and organizations.