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What People Are Saying

Parent of a five-year attendee
"The impact of our daughter's experience at Cardigan’s Summer Session has been tremendous on so many levels--culturally, academically, and socially. She is already counting the days until her return this summer!"

Parent of three-year returning student

"She has nothing but rave reviews regarding her stay at Cardigan this summer! Thank you."

Fifth grade boy
"Summer Session was a different learning experience for me. I had a hard time learning at my school. I came here to try something different and I learned a lot with the teachers and the classes. I also really enjoyed Whale’s Tale"

Parent of fourth grade boy
"He never thought he would enjoy team sports but loved the soccer clinic so much that he is now playing soccer on his school team."

Parent of second grade girl
"Thank you so MUCH for this wonderful opportunity, my daughter is loving her CMS experience and surprising us every day by taking risks, developing skills and making new friends."

Parent of seventh grade girl
"I can't say enough good things about her experience at Summer Session, and how it has opened her eyes to the larger world and provided her with the opportunity for new experiences and friendships."

Parent of third and fifth grade boys
"My sons dove into the opportunities provided by Summer Session at Cardigan, and got back all they put in. They appreciated the caring teachers, the interesting and challenging electives, the wide range of afternoon activities available, and the diverse and fun group of friends they made. They are both already looking forward to next summer and the new set of opportunities it will inevitably bring."

Fifth grade boy
"I liked the competitive spirit of Green and White and all of the races!"

Parent of fourth grade girl
"Thank you for all you have done to make this a most enjoyable learning experience for our daughter!" 

Parent of fifth grade boy
"My son loved math class and was really proud to show off his Rubik’s cube solving skills!"

Parent of eighth grade girl
"My daughter loved taking Korean at Summer Session and even asked for a Korean roommate in secondary school to hone her language skills."

Sixth grade boy
"I like the kids here. I like meeting kids from around the world. I also like choosing my own classes and activities!"

Parents of fourth grade girl
"Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed all of her classes. When she returned home, she went through each subject with us, showing us her work, without us even asking. We were so surprised at this change!"

Fifth grade boy
"The all school trips are my favorite part. This was my second year at summer session."

Parent of seventh grade girl

"She loved Summer Session! She wanted to try something new and she did- result: she is now playing soccer for her middle school and loving it. Thank you coaches!!!"

Parent of second and fifth grade girls
"I wanted to thank and congratulate you guys on an outstanding camp. Our kids loved it, learned a lot, made friends, and got to enjoy being outdoors."

Eighth grade girl
"I loved the diversity and learning about other people’s cultures."

Parent of a fourth grade girl
"She was most excited to have her story and drawing published in the Cardigan Quill. That took her over the moon!"

Parent of three-year returning student
"Cardigan Summer Session has given my daughter opportunities she would otherwise not have a chance to enjoy and has not only gotten her on track with her regular school year, but helped to advance her progress and success."