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The Campaign for Cardigan 2020

Our community constantly works to assess Cardigan’s health and identify strategies for a sustainable future. Since 2012, the results of this ongoing process have been captured in The Strategic Plan for Cardigan 2020. To help bring the School’s long-term goals to fruition, The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 helps fund initiatives identified within the Strategic Plan.

The deep commitment of family, friends, trustees, and alumni working as one for Cardigan creates a powerful force for change. Since 2009, the Campaign has strengthened Cardigan’s program, facilities, and endowment. Our goal now is to continue growth in each area, harnessing this strength to advance our academic program. Along with endowed fund initiatives, the current priority for the Campaign for Cardigan 2020 is the construction of a new Center for Exploration, designed to help Cardigan infuse our educational philosophy into all aspects of academic life.

Center for Exploration

Cardigan is rethinking academic space, seeking ways to enhance existing facilities with new areas for collaboration and exploration. The proposed Center for Exploration will add workspace to the heart of campus, creating a flexible learning environment that addresses the need for additional classrooms and can adapt over time to changing technologies and programs. This new facility will also enable the School to reconfigure existing academic spaces to better support each department.

For more about how you can help support the Center for Exploration, please contact Director of The Campaign for Cardigan 2020 Sandra Hollingsworth at 603.523.3745 or

Experience one concept for the Center for Exploration via the video below: